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Notation. Prozess. Musik.

Patrick Borgeat *1985 in Öhringen (DE), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE) »Notation. Prozess. Musik.« 2017, Video presentation and interactive station »Normally notes are points and lines on the two-dimensional surface of a piece of paper. The notation of the tone sequences is made up of signs on a surface. Nonetheless, these notes are interpreted […]

Electric Sheep

Scott Draves * 1968 in Washington D.C. (US), lives and works in New York City (US) Electric Sheep 1999, Video With the public availability of the internet and computers spreading, the field of crowd art reaches a new level. Artists can combine the computing powers of thousands of computers worldwide into on supercomputer that performs […]

Lost in Computation

Jonas Eltes / Fabrica *1993 in Kungsbacka (SE), lives and works in Treviso (IT) »Lost in Computation« 2017, mixed-media installation, 2 screens, 2 Raspberry Pis »Lost in Computation« is a multilingual conversation between two autonomous chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs, which can conduct humanlike dialogs via written text or audio processing. Their aim is to simulate […]

Closed Loop

Jake Elwes *1993 in London (UK), lives and works in London (UK) Collaborative project with Roland Arnoldt. Special thanks to Anh Nguyen et al. at Evolving-AI for their work on GANs. Closed Loop 2017, 2-channel digital video, 3 hrs 14 mis loop Closed Loop is a recording of two artificial intelligence models conversing with each other – one with words […]


Daniel Heiss * 1978 in Munich (DE), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE) »S2T2T2M2L« 2017, computer, monitor, microphone  For decades, the interface between people and computers was limited to the input of text via a keyboard. The wish for a more intuitive and natural way to communicate with computers, however, goes back at least as […]

X Degrees of Separation

Mario Klingemann *1970 in Laatzen (DE), lives and works in Munich (DE) In cooperation with Google Arts & Culture X Degrees of Separation 2017, Multi media Installation   X Degrees of Separation uses machine learning to trace the relationships between 750,000 exhibits from the around the world, enabling the viewer to discover new connections between […]


Lawrence Lek *1982 in Frankfurt a. M. (DE), lives and works in London (GB) »Sinofuturism (1839–2046 AD)« 2016, HD video essay, 60 min. »Sinofuturism« is an invisible movement. A specter already embedded in a trillion industrial products, a billion individuals, and a million veiled narratives. It is a movement, not based on individuals, but on […]


Bernd Lintermann *1967 in Düsseldorf (DE), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE) Julia Gerlach *1967 in Hannover (DE), lives and works in Frankfurt a. M. (DE) and Berlin (DE) Peter Weibel *1944 in Odessa (UA), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE) »SoundARt IDEAMA« 2012, interactive augmented reality installation, AR audio database browser for iPad The […]


Bernd Lintermann *1967 in Düsseldorf (DE), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE) YOU:R:CODE 2018, Interactive installation with multi-channel projection YOU:R:CODE opens the exhibition Open Codes. The title can be read in two different ways: the interpretation “your code” indicates that in the installation visitors experience different kinds of digital transformations of themselves. Whereas on entering, […]

The Man with the Personal Computer

Robert Luxemburg a.k.a. Sebastian Lütgert, * 1972 in Bielefeld (DE), lives in Berlin (DE) and Bombay (IN) The Man with the Personal Computer 2010, Digital Video, 4 min, Public Domain Remastered Version, 2017, for Joulia Strauss The Man with the Personal Computer is a mosaic of the last four minutes of Dziga Vertov’s The Man […]