Bernd Lintermann
*1967 in Düsseldorf (DE), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE)

Julia Gerlach
*1967 in Hannover (DE), lives and works in Frankfurt a. M. (DE) and Berlin (DE)

Peter Weibel
*1944 in Odessa (UA), lives and works in Karlsruhe (DE)

2012, interactive augmented reality installation, AR audio database browser for iPad

The IDEAMA (International digital electro-acoustic music archive) was created in 1990 with the aim of globally protecting the most important early works of electro-acoustic music against deterioration, and make them accessible to the public. The IDEAMA basic collection consists of over a hundred hours of music, which is part of the holdings of the ZKM | Media Library.

»SoundARt IDEAMA« presents selected works from the music archive. At four stations, works from the areas of musique concrète, electronic music, computer music, and music for loudspeakers are staged in special ways and made available to visitors. On a beam showing computer-readable codes, four topics from the IDEAMA database are marked out as examples: for each work a square code – similar to the familiar QR-code – is applicated on the floor as well as an oscillograph of the work. With the aid of an on-site rentable iPad, the work can be experienced, heard, and seen in a 3-D simulation as augmented reality experience as soon as the iPad’s camera registers the code. Here, the iPad functions as a pickup which scans the sound carrier.

Concept: Bernd Lintermann, Julia Gerlach, Peter Weibel
Curator: Hartmut Jörg
Software: Bernd Lintermann
Technical coordination: Manfred Hauffen
Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media